• Steal My Framework: Email Automation Cheatsheet

Steal My Framework: Email Automation Cheatsheet

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Nail your email automations, and watch your ROI grow.

You know you need automated emails.
Shopify keeps yelling at you to recover those abandoned carts.
All the marketers on the internet keep waffling on about the value of retargeting, email, and automation.


And you’ve already got a product that sells. You’ve got your branding sorted, and your socials are pumping.
But when it comes to email, you get a bit stuck - you don’t know what to put in your emails or when to send them.

How do I know?

Because it’s the most common thing I hear from clients, week on week.
So instead of telling you to just let me do it (I can, if that’s what you want though…) I’m going to let you steal my framework.
Pick my brain.
Copy my strategy.
For free (woohoo!)

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