• Email Sender Compliance: Stay in the inbox

Email Sender Compliance: Stay in the inbox

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From 1 February 2024, Google/Yahoo have flexed their position of power by rolling out a bunch of new rules for email senders - are you compliant?

If you’re not, you’ll find even your best emails to your most engaged subscribers are heading straight to spam - or worse, you get blacklisted and they don't land in the inbox at all.

While many of these ‘rules’ were already existing best practices for email senders, the new system means these inbox service providers are really cracking down on non-compliant businesses, big and small.

Get compliant now and avoid having to pick up the pieces later!

Wild Mustard will take care of: 

- Sorting out your sending domain authentication for Klaviyo (or other ESP)
- Configuration of DMARC policy to ensure Google + Yahoo know what to do with your emails and you meet compliance requirements
- Problem-solving for records failing to verify, or business owners struggling to meet all requirements
- A checklist of best practices to ensure you remain compliant in future and can refer back to the work we’ve done

You’ll need to:

- Grant me access to your Klaviyo account (or other ESP)
- Grant me access to your DNS zone records via your domain or hosting provider
- Ensure you follow the checklist moving forward to remain compliant

After you grant access to all of the above, we will aim to get you compliant and authenticated within three business days.

If for any reason there is something hairy going on with your ESP or domain, I’ll flag it and let you know what needs to be done to move forward.

Make sure you keep landing in your customers' inboxes and making those sweet, sweet sales - without the tech headache!

What happens next:

After you've added to cart and paid for your compliance set-up, you'll receive two emails from me.
The first will be confirming your purchase, and the second will contain instructions on how to grant me access to the information I need to get you set up.
If you are unable to locate this email or have trouble with these instructions, please contact me at lisa@wildmustard.co.nz ASAP.