Bespoke Klaviyo Automation Set up

When you hand over the reigns for a bespoke Klaviyo Email Automation Setup, you get alll the things. This is a holistic, wrap-around service - and there's nothing bland about it.

What's on the menu?


After I’ve ravished your brain to get a crystal clear view of your brand and everything it stands for, I carefully plan the timing, triggers and segmentation of your automated flows and the content in them.

We’ll ensure new leads, first-time customers, window shoppers, cart ditchers and the loyal VIPS all get just what they ordered - right when they want it. From acquisition to upsell, and retention to retargeting, all bases are covered!

You’re not left in the lurch either - analytics and reports are provided after 90 days so we can make a plan for the next course.


Copywriting:It’s no secret that this is my favourite part. My absolute superpower is the ability to harness your brand voice and bring it to life in a way that resonates, building that brand awareness and causing your customers to hit that buy now button!

No boring novels, no snooze-worthy sales pitches, and definitely no scare-mongering sob stories.Just brilliantly on-brand messaging, right where you need it.


Hand over the hex-codes, please! This full-stack offer ensures that all your graphic design needs are taken care of, too.

Emails are created with UX (user experience), readability, email best practices and of course - your brand - in mind.

You’ll look consistent across the digital board so your emails are not only easy to recognise, but easy to shop from.


This part of the process is almost on par with copywriting as the fave for me!
You don’t need to lift a finger or learn every corner of your Klaviyo account (unless you want to, of course) - I’ll build out all your framework, set up all the relevant triggers and filters, and segment your audience appropriately.

Sign-up forms? Yep. Branded unsubscribe and preference pages? Uh-huh.
Additional code snippets for custom flows if you need them? You got it, friend. It’s all taken care of.

Your Investment: From $2899 + GST

Implementation is bespoke for each individual brand depending on your product, needs and recommended strategy.

I'll take the works please...

Let's do it