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Klaviyo Performance Snapshot

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The mini audit you've been looking for

Wondering if your Klaviyo could be performing better?
Running a Klaviyo account, but feeling a little lost?
Recently moved to Klaviyo and not sure you’ve covered all bases?
Or maybe you’re pretty confident in the system you’ve set up, but it’s been a while since you updated anything or really looked at your analytics (and then did something about them)?

This Klaviyo Performance Snapshot Mini Audit will give you a clear understanding of what’s going on in your Klaviyo account, what you may have missed, and where you can implement changes to better optimise your account and increase the return on investment.

I’ll take a look over your core integrations, analytics, flows and most recent campaigns and give you the run-down on how to get your Klaviyo account cranking the way you want it to!

What you’ll get:

- A 10-minute screen-recorded walkthrough of my findings, explaining what may need attention and why

- A bullet-pointed list of said findings for you to work through after the audit

What I’ll need:

- Access to your Klaviyo account

- A summary of your current stats and goals, or any relevant information relating to bespoke flows (loyalty programs, competitions etc)

Who this is for:

Small businesses, side hustles, DIYers, businesses with less than 5 flows in place, brands on a budget, or anyone wanting a quick squiz into their account to ensure they haven't missed anything obvious.

How it works: 

1. You book a time and order your Klaviyo performance snapshot

2. You will receive an email from me with information on how to grant me the access/permission I need

3. I use this allocated time to complete your audit (provided you have granted me the access required before the booked date)

4. You will receive your video and notes at the end of the booked day

Let me cast my expert eye over your emails and help you make the most of your subscription!