Sales definitely grew, and it was constant - Mama Lulu

Mama Lulu is an online gift boutique stocking products from well-known clothing brands, to homewares, novelty gifts, chilli sauces, umbrellas, and everything in between.

When Richie purchased Mama Lulu, they could see huge potential in the business and were passionate about creating a brand that provided a customer experience that stood out and built a loyal following of repeat customers.

“It was our first time running a retail store, as you can imagine there was a lot to juggle. As far as marketing goes, we’d been focusing on social media but we weren’t utilising email marketing.”

Richie started investing in paid social media ads to generate awareness and sales. The ads specialist he was working with advised him that to get the most out of his ad spend and increase sales he would benefit from working with an email specialist and referred him to Lisa at Wild Mustard.

“We loved Lisa’s vibe, her energy, and the passion she showed towards our business. She listened and was really encouraging.

We worked with Lisa to create a persona and a brand voice for Mama Lulu, she educated us on how to talk to our customers in a way that would connect with them, reflect our brand, and generate sales.”

Lisa started from scratch, built a series of email flows and automations, added sign-up forms to the website, and started split-testing different offers to get a feel for what Mama Lulu customers really wanted.

“Lisa felt like another member of our team, she was truly invested in our business and we trusted her wholeheartedly. We handed everything over to her to manage, she built all the flows, and her emails and targeting worked really well.

Our customers really felt the shift and we had so much wonderful feedback, things like “you’re so good at following up” and “we feel loved.”

Sales definitely grew, and it was constant.

Once it was all built we started sending emails weekly or fortnightly and the database grew quite quickly. Every single email converted really well, they would even get lots of replies from customers – it was evident they were loving the email content. What’s even better is that we saw an increase of repeat buyers!

This really helped grow the online presence of Mama Lulu, and better than that it has created a loyal following of customers who genuinely love being a part of the Mama Lulu community.

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